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Facility management is a big challenge for todays enterprise, with increasing amount of flexible workforce and large facilities to manage, enterprises often depend on a partner or a number of providers to manage their offices and factories. Smart Minds understands unique challenges faced in facility management like security, tracking the service orders and billing individual providers. We have worked with facility management firms like Clean Planet and At Your Request to address these challenges from a service provider side. Faciliapp is a contact to contract software which provides a facility management company the ability to track leads and manage contacts in different companies, the software provides facility to raise service requests, assign tasks to employees and invoice their clients based on the service provided. Integration into Xero accounting software provides faciliapp the ability to track and manage the accounts.

Faciliapp (enterprise) works on the business side as a platform capable of managing and tracking all the facility management needs of a smart enterprise using Internet or Smartphone and raising On-Demand service request for cleaning, maintenance of assets and other aspects of maintenance of a facility.

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    Great ROI

    Integrated CRM, which manages leads and contacts, advance them to leads and later to customers. The whole process being managed in one software gives facility management companies a lean structure and helps improve their ROI.

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    Manage Flex Workforce

    Faciliapp helps manage contractors and franchisees effectively, this helps firms manage a flex workforce for particular needs which are seasonal thereby increasing their responsiveness to market needs and allow them a broader spread instead of focusing on a small area. This has helped businesses like AYR focus on core competence like quality of service rather than managing human resources.

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    Cross Devices

    Faciliapp works on multiple devices, which makes it easy for service managers and employees to invoice immediately thereby reducing the account payables and improving the overall financial performance of the firms.

Controling you entire company by Smart Phone!

Faciliapp is completely responsive, managing tasks, contracts and customers is easy even with a smartphone or tablet which makes faciliapp a powerful tool on the field or while you are on the move.



Track account of a user right from prospect to a customer by centrally managing the tasks, appointments and progresses, also share with other users in your organisation. In built role tailored access rights also allows easier management of complex data permissions too. This all will make your invoicing efficient and tracking them real time making the payment process simpler and trackable.


Why should you use Faciliapp?

Faciliapp is suited for an individual organization or a franchisee model; the franchisee model gives companies ability to grow without taking additional burden of hiring or growing in workforce. A tight user management module makes it very easy for a company to manage permissions and have various roles from administrator, user, manager etc. making tracking contacts, managing tasks, and assigning tasks possible from one software. AYR and Clean Planet manage CRM, ERP and Accounting from Faciliapp.

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  • Adrian Kenny

    Director of At Your Request

    "With FaciliApp Smart Minds have developed a system that replaced nine different
    applications with a system that is easy to use and accessible from any web enabled device."

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